Projects and partners

Collaborating on fundamental and applied science.

Projects are at the heart of DFPI, bringing together fundamental and applied research at the crossroads of food science and high-tech systems. These fit into our six propositions, which are being expanded from a basis in 3D food printing to cover food processing digitalization and optimization. The health and pharmaceutical industries also have a role to play, as DFPI’s technologies can be used to develop personalized drugs, create wearables sensors and design foods for individuals with allergies.

DPFI projects are built on two distinct pillars: fundamental and applied science. Each of our founders brings its inherent strengths in these areas. This mutual support is what makes DFPI a success. Our projects begin with a contract on how the collaboration will take place, including ownership of the problem and the overall project.

Applied projects

Fundamental projects

We’re always interested in expanding our list of partners: if you have an idea for a potential project, contact us now.

DFPI is a collaboration of: