Efficient, multi-nozzle food printing for large-scale applications

Effective, large-scale food printing of dough, pureed potatoes and vegetables, and dairy spreads is now possible with the unique multi-nozzle printing technique developed by the Digital Food Processing Initiative (DFPI).

Current food printing technologies make use of single cartridges and pistons to create product structures; often a time-consuming, costly process with limited potential for production scale. The scalable, modular nozzle food-printing concept, developed by experts from the DFPI, opens the door to efficient production at industrial scales.

The technology allows printing of viscous pasta material – imagine dough, pureed potatoes and vegetables and dairy spreads – as well as printing of several layers of multi-layered products. It is possible to switch between two different types of materials, allowing for applications such as ravioli and other filled pasta products. Printing uses bulk materials without the need to fill cartridges. This efficient and easy technique results in lower processing costs while ensuring high product quality. 

A patent is underway, and companies interested in this technology can contact the DFPI.