Printing soft candy in fun shapes

3D printing is perfect for the creation of soft candy in fun shapes, according to a collaboration between the Digital Food Processing Initiative (DFPI) and candy manufacturer Katjes.

Is it possible to print soft candy in new, original shapes? And if yes, how to ensure optimum printing performance and product stability? These questions were central to the Magic Candy Factory project, in which candy specialist Katjes supplied the recipes and ingredients, and the DFPI supplied the printing equipment and expertise. 

Feasibility study

The project partners performed a feasibility study, followed by a series of experiments to optimise printing performance and speed. Various candy formulations and designs were created and tested to get an idea of the types of products that could be made.

The future of candy

The project led Katjes to found a spin-off called the Magic Candy Factory, specializing in printing (candy) selfies and personal messages. The project has also triggered several other innovations in personalized candy, nutraceuticals and medicines. The DFPI is currently applying the learnings in applications for other types of gel-based products, such as cheese.

“Working with the expert team at TNO to carry out early-stage feasibility tests on our concept was great. We got to see very quickly that movement forward with our project was the right thing to do.”
- Melissa Snover, CEO The Magic Candy Factory