Personalized nutrition

Personalized nutrition

Personalized food products for health & wellbeing through novel manufacturing technologies.

DFPI’s work forms part of a wide network of initiatives aimed at providing the world’s growing population with nutritious food. This includes the pharmaceutical industry, as food printing technologies and process optimization can also be utilized in the development of drugs. DFPI’s applied research partners are thus investigating factors such as allergies, disease prevention and care (where nutrition plays a role) and digitization (such as wearable sensors [Proposition 3]). This in turn opens up new markets for organizations as diverse as ingredient suppliers, equipment manufacturers and insurance companies.

Complete control for users

One example of a health innovation is a prototype 3D food printer which can be used to create personal energy bars. This can be installed as a vending machine in gyms to provide the ideal nutrients for a specific work-out while also giving the user control over the flavor, texture, shape and portion size. Another perspective can be found in the TiFN project, in which TNO and WUR develop food products containing natural, familiar ingredients to boost transparency as well as health.

Bringing together international expertise

Through the knowledge and expertise of its founders and partners, DFPI has created an ecosystem for industry, academia and authorities to collaborate on high-tech food systems. This involves both the shared use of facilities and national or international consortiums to bring innovations to the market – an important intersection of fundamental and applied research.

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